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Battling Burnout As An Educator? Let Us Help…
Posted on Friday, July 23, 2021
Battling Burnout As An Educator? Let Us Help…

July 23, 2021 - It can be challenging as an educator to keep up with standards that frequently change and create new lesson plans to meet updated criteria. Throw in the new normal of changing circumstances brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and being a teacher has gotten increasingly more complicated. Does this ring true for any educators out there? 

Cue Snowflake software

Clear Touch's Snowflake software can help you make engaging lessons and interactive games from predesigned templates with ease. Just update this software with your content and you're ready for class. No more reinventing the wheel or scrambling to put a lesson together at the last minute – leave all the heavy lifting to us. You can also use to access, create, and share your lesson plans from any web browser. This makes transitioning to hybrid and remote learning landscapes easy, as you can send students who aren't in the classroom their assignments and grade them all in

Clear Touch strives to provide solutions for education that will engage students thoughtfully and creatively. To make that happen, we ensure that our software suite is equipped with inviting ways to get students up and working together. Our panels were never meant to be dust-collectors at the front of a classroom, but rather, where student ideas can come to life and teamwork ensues naturally. 

So the bottom line is: if you're an educator, you NEED Snowflake software. In a digital world, let us help you keep up with the demands.

Here's the guarantee: 

  • Break-up the screen into 1-4 independent zones for group activities
  • Add videos without unwanted ads and comments
  • Bring content into full screen mode
  • Create engaging activities and games
  • Project video from a phone, tablet, or document camera
  • Create an on-screen whiteboard
  • Write your notes directly on the screen
  • Incorporate interactive games

Want to know more about Snowflake and the rest of our software suite? Follow this link!

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