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Our Accessories STAND Out Among the Rest!
Posted on Tuesday, July 6, 2021
Our Accessories STAND Out Among the Rest!

July 6, 2021 - Interested in Clear Touch products, but not ready to make the switch to our panels just yet? No problem! Our accessories are compatible with other devices and can greatly enhance your existing technology.  Learn more about our panel stands and what makes them unique.

Take our stands for example – they aren't like others that are big, bulky, and obstruct the flow of your space. They are more like a piece of furniture, naturally blending with other pieces in the room and ergonomically designed for accessible and easy use. 

The C-shaped base allows for people of all abilities to come up to your board and interact without fear of tripping, and the anti-collision design will keep you safe when adjusting the height. Quickly change from a stand to a wall mount with pre-drilled holes on the back for easy installation. 

With all this in mind, take for instance a classroom and let's talk through how the above benefits play out. Classrooms today are not the same as they were even five years ago, being that they are set up more organically and not just a row of desks all facing towards a whiteboard at the front of the room. Instead, most desks are clustered into groups, there might be a reading nook in the corner, and the teachers desk off to the side of the room. 

This is where our stands come in. With a traveling base, the Adjustable Mobile Stand can adapt to any classroom layout and even move throughout the day depending on class size. Children with restricted abilities, like students in wheelchairs, can interact with the panel in the same way that a student who is able-bodied would because of the C-shaped base allowing for closer proximity to the technology. Cable management at the back of the stand and up the column also allow for the panel and stand to blend seamlessly without wires jutting out from behind.

So no matter if you have a Clear Touch panel or not, our stands are just the solution for any space where your technology needs to move with you but not interfere with the space you're in.

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