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Visionary Solution introduces the VSiCaster™ - Complete End-to-End Webcasting Solution
Posted on Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Visionary Solutions' VSiCaster™ is a powerful, easy-to-use webcasting system – designed for portability.
VSI has teamed up with NetroMedia, a leading global Content Delivery Network (CDN), to provide online broadcasters with a complete end-to-end streaming solution that requires minimal setup. Professionals and beginners can now broadcast high-quality video over the Internet in no time, reaching hundreds or even thousands of viewers.
Set up is simple. Connect any analog source such as a camera, DVD/VCR player or even a video server to the VSiCaster, plug its Ethernet output into an Internet-enabled network and start streaming.
All of the benefits of webcasting without the worries of trying to build it yourself
With VSiCaster you supply the content and we take care of the rest.
The quality and robustness of the solution are unsurpassed, thanks to a highly reliable webcast engine and a distribution network with worldwide presence.
Whether your event is a small webcast of a local hockey game or a graduation ceremony delivered to thousands of viewers around the world, you can have the confidence of a major webcast producer. Regardless of your level of expertise, the VSiCaster is the quickest way to create a live streaming presence at an extremely affordable price.
•Religious services – reach a broader audience
•Graduations – let other relatives participate
•Weddings – include guests that can’t make it
•First responders – send live video of scene
•Sports – great for high school game coverage
•Contractors – show those changes in real time
•Real Estate – remote walk throughs, closings
•Auto – market inventory across the country
•Simplicity – preconfigured webcast engine
•Bundled offering – no CDN contract negotiation
•Monthly billing plans – just like your cell phone
•No service contracts – pay as you go
•Fully integrated – even includes viewing page
•Excellent quality – leverages latest h.264 video
•Portability – move between locations easily
QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE in a webcast engine no bigger than a portable DVD player
Leveraging state-of-the-art h.264 video compression, the VSiCaster represents a breakthrough in quality at Internet bandwidth transmission rates. Using technology from the proven AVN420 encoder “blade,” this flexible engine is capable of streaming rates from 100Kbps up to 4Mbps at 30fps for full motion video as well as reduced resolutions and profiles for mobile applications.

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