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SMART Technologies Inc. is a world leader in simple and intuitive classroom technology solutions. We are an innovator in software and interactive technologies that enable natural collaboration, helping every student and teacher discover and develop their greatness. To learn more, visit

Model: M486-V5-P

The TAA-compliant SMART Board® M Pro high secure series TAA is an interactive display that turns any content on a PC into an engaging experience without ever sacrificing reliability.
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SMART Technologies Rolls Out Its First-to-Market Android 11 Update
Posted on Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Latest interactive display updates mean industry-leading upgradability and product lifespans that maximize technology investments for schools and companies   

CALGARY, AB, Nov. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- SMART Technologies is pleased to announce the arrival of its latest industry-leading upgrade - the first-to-market, over-the-air Android 11 update for its interactive displays with iQ. The new update is part of the 3.12 release for the SMART Board™ embedded computing, iQ, and brings many new and updated features.

SMARTs industry-leading upgradability means users automatically benefit from updates to the latest SMART interactive displays with iQ. In addition to enhanced features and new functionality, the release of iQ 3.12 also provides an upgrade to Android 11 for the interactive displays' operating system. The company's investment in Android-based iQ embedded computing allows them to exercise full control over the product life cycle, including iterative updates in performance, new features, and security and privacy enhancements. This maximizes the full lifespan of the interactive display and keeps working hardware out of the landfill.

"At SMART we are excited to be the first-to-market with this over-the-air Android 11 update. Our products are engineered for true longevity and designed for the future," said SMART Technologies CEO Nicholas Svensson. "Our engineers design and create products from the ground-up to be sustainable, easy-to-use and manage, and to provide connected, collaborative experiences."

In Spring of 2022, SMART was the first manufacturer to announce interactive displays supporting Android 11. This allowed customers to leverage time-sensitive funding during the 2022 summer install season - before displays from any other manufacturer began shipping - with the peace of mind that they would receive full Android 11 functionality without the need to purchase new panels or modules.

SMART's industry-leading, automatic Over-the-Air Updates provide:

  • Android system updates and patches
  • Responsive privacy and security updates to keep data safe
  • Migration to new releases of Android for technically supported hardware, which includes migration to Android 11 for all 6000S V3 and MX V3 interactive displays with iQ
  • New features and functionality for SMART applications and workflows to keep the hardware relevant and meeting the changing needs of classrooms and boardrooms

The November 2022 iQ 3.12 release provides:

  • Android 11 upgrades to SMART V3 interactive displays with iQ:
  • Greater interoperability and support for 64-bit apps
  • Improved platform longevity by leveraging Android's Android 11 support timeline for patches security updates and more

PLUS, all supported SMART displays with iQ will also automatically receive these new whiteboard features:

Student Device Integration and New Built-In Instant Content for Education

  • Whole-class collaborative whiteboard improved with content attribution for student contributions from their devices
  • New pedagogically designed ready-made resources for student contribution from devices
  • Single-question assessments such as polls
  • 'Shout it Out' brainstorming templates
  • Exit tickets and knowledge gathering

Designed for the future

With products designed to last and recent enhancements to improve the sustainability of packaging, SMART Technologies continually works to build a future that is both connected and sustainable. SMART interactive displays' hardware and architecture allows for a path to migrate to the latest Android operating system for all supported models. This equals a longer lifespan and less waste, benefiting both the consumer and the environment.

SMART Technologies is at the forefront of future facing hardware design by creating interactive displays that survive intensive accelerated life testing, including extreme temperature, humidity, and voltage testing, ensuring less downtime and a longer lifespan.

Depending on their device model, SMART customers will receive the 3.12 release between today and the next few weeks.

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