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Rise Vision Status & Outage Updates
Posted on Thursday, October 10, 2013

Within the Platform you can always define an email distribution list to get notifications if any of the devices on your network fail.

 Rise Vision Status & Outage Updates

But what about outages that effect the Rise Vision Platform as a whole?  Previously we kept our users updated to issues through our User Community.  With the launch of our new website design we have released the Rise Vision Status page that you can follow to get immediate updates if anything happens.  At a glance you can see all of our content items and their current status visibly color coded:

 Rise Vision Status & Outage Updates

You can also choose to sign up to receive email notifications on outages.  We won’t send any other messages or spam – users that sign up for this list willONLY receive emails for notifications on outages that impact our system.  If email isn’t your preferred method, we have you covered.  This system will also post updates to our Google PlusTwitter, and Facebook accounts if you prefer to follow along via these social media outlets.

If we have an issue we want EVERYONE to know about it.  And if you want to see how reliable we are just click on a particular content item and you can view the entire history log.

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