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Raspberry Pi Digital Signage
Posted on Friday, March 14, 2014
Raspberry Pi Digital Signage

Thank you to Dane G from Puritan Cleaners ( for sharing photos of their digital signage running from Raspberry Pi devices.

“After discovering Rise Vision and the raspberry pi software on your site, I upgraded all of our in-store digital displays.  Your solution is fantastic, and exactly what I’ve been looking for over a year. ”

Here are a couple of photos:

2014 03 13 14.53.20 1024x576 Raspberry PI Digital Signage


2014 03 13 16.35.41 1024x576 Raspberry PI Digital Signage


If you are in Richmond, VA and need something cleaned – they have our vote!

If you have a cool use of the Rise Vision platform for digital signage please share your photos with and we will share your story.

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