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Liberty AV Solutions has evolved from being a top supplier of wire and cable into a company known for a catalog including everything from equipment enclosures and mounts to power distribution products and more. Now also offering an extensive line of digital components through its Intelix division, Liberty stands ready to help others successfully navigate the analog-to-digital transition.
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Fiber Optic HDMI From Liberty
Posted on Saturday, April 6, 2013
Fiber Optic HDMI From Liberty
Celerity cables provide speed, bandwidth, and high picture quality
COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, April 6, 2013—Now a regular offering found within the Liberty AV Solutions product catalog, Celerity Technologies’ fiber optic HDMI cables facilitate plug-and-play connectivity between high-definition displays and any Blu-ray, DVD, game console, computer, or similar device. Ideally suited for use within the commercial and custom installation AV marketplace, the technology provides the speed and bandwidth required for optimal picture quality, and serves as an innovative alternative for systems integrators facing a need to send HDMI signals over long distances.
Capable of working up to 1,000 feet and supporting both 3D and 4K resolution, Celerity fiber optic HDMI cables are HDMI high-speed certified and ARC (Audio Return Channel) equipped to eliminate the need of connecting a second cable for HDTV audio. The Celerity cables are plenum rated for all NEC® code-compliant installations. Easily concealed or installed within walls, conduit, plenum spaces, and cabling raceways thanks to its svelte, low-profile design, the cable additionally features a detachable fiber optic HDMI connector that greatly simplifies the process of pre-wiring a home or business.
“As the demand for high-definition content grows across the board, long distance HDMI runs are rapidly becoming the norm,” notes Liberty Product Solution Engineer Ralph Parrett. “Prior to Celerity’s fiber optic HDMI presence, the only real practical means of transporting high-def signals over spans of great length was to use copper in conjunction with sender/receiver systems or very expensive fiber transceiver systems.  Given its ability to handle bandwidth and data speeds up to 16 Gbps, Celerity’s fiber optic HDMI cables can easily overcome all these limitations and more.”
Celerity fiber optic cables convert HDMI to optical signals within their own connectors via precision-embedded circuitry that sends light carrying the HDMI data stream over the fiber to the display without signal loss of any kind and at a rate that’s 100% EMI free. While in the past the advantages of fiber optic transport were sometimes outweighed by expensive and time-consuming termination procedures, Celerity’s detachable two-step prewire and connect termination system promises to uncomplicate the process and make it infinitely faster. 
Available in standard lengths from 35 feet to 1000 feet, Celerity fiber optic HDMI cables range in price from $118.75 to $900.00.  In stock and now shipping, the entire line receives customer service and product support through regular Liberty and Celerity channels. 
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