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Familiarity: Incorporating Games in the Classroom
Posted on Monday, February 21, 2022
Familiarity: Incorporating Games in the Classroom

Feb. 21, 2022 - Engaging content has a place in the modern classroom now more than ever. If history has taught us anything, it is that those who evolve will often yield the most successful outcome. The days of traditional learning are losing their merit. The educational landscape has changed. Children in the modern K12 classroom are living in a far different world than the generations that preceded them. These students live in the digital world, surrounded by constant electronic stimulation and a never ending output of information. Their minds perceive and process information in a way that can be summarized as unfamiliar to their teachers and parents, operating on a frequency that is uniquely inherent to the times.

This is where games and digital lesson activities come into play. By structuring lessons to fit the modern climate, students will feel more comfortable and engaged in the learning process. Even if the lessons are not "games" per say, the color, animation, style, and call for a hands-on approach offered by digital learning puts them in a place where they feel comfortable, giving them a format that yields a higher opportunity to digest information and thrive educationally. Some students learn better when there is a gamification aspect. In 2013, SRI Education conducted a study that found "Games, specifically those with simulation components, provide a 23% gain over traditional learning". If this was the case in 2013, one can only imagine the kind of progress this idea now supports.

This idea is easy to implement by educators that still primarily use traditional learning methods. That is why Clear Touch partnered with NUITEQ to offer software suites with hundreds of premade and entirely customizable games and lesson plans. "Snowflake" in particular has been a hit in the classroom. Educators applaud its ease of use and versatility, making it the perfect digital learning solution for any lesson, subject, or situation. Most classrooms now operate through some kind of interactive technology, but it is important to engage the students with this technology. These practices are a perfect way to evolve lesson plans and create an interactive experience for the students and a more collaborative hands-on approach. The studies don't lie, this idea yields a more effective approach.

For more on Snowflake: Snowflake Software.

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