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Adapting with Digital Learning Tools
Posted on Tuesday, January 11, 2022
Adapting with Digital Learning Tools

The Will to Adapt

Jan. 11, 2022 - Some adults struggle with the "complications" of modern technology. It's a comedic trope for students nowadays. Many of their parents and close elders struggle to use technology that seems so easy for their younger counterparts. The explanation for this is fairly simple. Millennials and those considered Gen Z have grown up with this new wave of technology. Many educators over the age of forty haven't quite caught up and still implement the same instructional methods as they did in the 20th century. 

NewSchools even conducted a study where they found that 53% of educators say that their students utilize digital learning tools. This number is alarmingly low as 47% is no small number for those that don't utilize digital learning tools. In a world that is constantly moving in a digital direction, it is extremely important that these students get the same learning experience as their peers. The working world ahead of them is filled with employment where the fluent use of technology is required. Not to mention the basic advantages that come with the implementation of digital learning tools. Learning the nuances of the digital age is a lot easier than it may seem. 

It is extremely important for educators to realize one thing, technology is designed to be user friendly. Change is often intimidating but in terms of technology, it's not as difficult as one would think if you have the right resources. Once one begins to establish a conceptual understanding of these devices and methods, the rest will flow like clockwork. Even if certain teachers don't intend to use technology often, it is beneficial to attempt to form an understanding. The internet is a massive resource and is packed with guides and tutorials on almost everything. 

Most developers and manufacturers allocate funds towards creating a wealth of educational resources. One would be surprised at how conceptually simple these tools and devices are after seeing them in a demonstration. One would be surprised what one YouTube video can teach. This process does not require much of one's time, simply a will to be curious and to adapt to the modern climate. Clear Touch fully recognizes the importance of proper training and that is exactly why we employ an expert team of past educators to help school districts adapt to their new workflow and devices. 

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