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PT615-EDU, a 2x2 Self amplified speaker package
Posted on Thursday, August 6, 2015
PT615-EDU, a 2x2 Self amplified speaker package

  AMK combines the ease of one part number ordering and appreciably shorter installation times in a simple self-amplified speaker package that includes premeasured and terminated cables. Systems include a fine perforated 2’ X 2’ grille. 

  When ordering the PT615-EDU package, with its included cabling and quick connections, means not having to worry about bulk cable, random terminations, extra staging, or assembly at the job site.  

Installing the PT615-EDU means there is no guess work on the wiring.  All terminations are unique so there can be no mistake where things should be attached. This allows the most inexperienced installer to utilize the PT615-EDU system with no confusion or call backs.

 The PT615-EDU utilizes the CX602 driver with a dispersion of 144 degrees. The standard set of 2 speakers is more than ample to cover the average classroom(25x20).  The perfect match of the CX602, with its high sensitivity and great frequency response, give you the highest quality audio for the best possible cost.

Assemblies include a factory wired speaker mounted to a 2' x 2' subplate with a fine perforated grille and mounted AMK powered speaker enclosure. The backbox is offset to one side of the 2' x 2' grille allowing it to be rotated in the ceiling to install around plenum obstructions.

  This specialized classroom package has the same 5 year warranty included with all AMK products. The PSA/QSA series has proven itself to be extremely reliable in classroom, board room and other applications for several years. Now we offer a complete install package to further streamline installation and boost productivity for the quick installation needed. 

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