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NewTek TriCaster® Connects Community Through Livestreaming in KAN-NARI's Sauce Studio

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NewTek TriCaster® Connects Community Through Livestreaming in KAN-NARI's Sauce Studio
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With a growing number of productions shifting from in-person to virtual, quality equipment for online production and live streaming is in demand more than ever before. The creatives at Audio Visual Communications (AVC) division of KAN-NARI CO. LTD, which specializes in disaster prevention and electric power industry, recognized the need for its region, Hokuriku, Japan, to step into the digital era.


Sauce opted for the TriCaster 2 (TC2) Elite, supported by NDI®. The TC2 Elite provides the adaptability Sauce needs to strengthen its live streaming capabilities to reach large audiences.

They knew the workflow would be more effective with a single TriCaster 2 Elite, as it includes rich and flexible features. These abilities enabled the management of all creative programs by the studio itself, eliminating the need for additional products and solutions to achieve this.


With NewTek’s TC2 Elite, the studio is equipped to create any live production, including seminars, interviews, online conferences, presentations, esports broadcasts, and classes – all with crisp audio and pristine visual quality to keep the content appealing.

ASK Corporation, the systems integrator that recommended and provided the NewTek and NDI technology, has been a leading distributor in Japan since 1997. ASK provides products, services and solutions to consumer, commercial, and professional users of IT peripherals, mobile electronics, high-end audio, enterprise computing solutions and professional videography equipment.

“For example, we often need to switch the video on the projector, we use the KVM function to do so. It has allowed our director to take control and switch projector images and instantly choose and route images.”

NDI, the universal video-over-IP standard, uses an IP network to deliver audio and video over standard Ethernet cables. Users can connect NDI-enabled devices such as cameras, microphones, intercoms and lighting, and provides two-way communication with the production teams. The TC2 Elite, with many NDI features, connects and switches between the multiple cameras being used for livestream and virtual productions, improving studio production workflow efficiency.

“Setting up productions can require a lot of cables, feedback monitors for camera operators, and long chords, which can easily become a hassle. With NDI, we only need one LAN cable and then NDI converters can do all the work. It makes everything simple,” shares Izumi.

Users can remotely control multiple computers or NDI-enabled devices from a single keyboard with NDI’s KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) tool. KVM is designed to make IP accessible by connecting any device in any location. Because of NDI’s full suite of tools, Sauce’s production team members can quickly switch between roles, which reduces the need for a larger team or bigger space to operate.

“The transition from HDMI terminals to NDI is already happening and we hope to contribute to this trend in Japan,” Izumi concludes.

As more companies continue switching to remote or hybrid production, KAN-NARI Company’s Sauce Studio aims to become the go-to production resource for its community, with the flexibility and reliability of the TriCaster 2 Elite and NDIv technology at its core.

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