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New Life Church Milton Goes Full 4K with NewTek’sTriCaster® TC1 and TriCaster® Mini 4K

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New Life Church Milton Goes Full 4K with NewTek’sTriCaster® TC1 and TriCaster® Mini 4K
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New Life Church Milton goes full 4K with NewTek’s TriCaster® TC1and TriCaster® Mini 4K to broadcast their services around the world.


At the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, Pastor Dan Rogge fromNew Life Church in Milton had a vision to bring their church servicesto as many people as possible. Since the pandemic halted in personchurch services, he decided that this wouldn’t stop New Life churchand their passion to get their message out.


With the consultation of Steve Curran from Videolink / Aries Pro Solutions, they designed a full 4K system at the request of Pastor Dan to have the best image possible. This included the TriCaster TC1 4K for their main broadcast for Sunday services, a TriCaster Mini 4K for their smaller room broadcast and a third TriCaster Mini 4K for a remote home broadcast.

The camera systems selected were the Blackmagic URSA Broadcast 4K cameras outfitted with Fujinami 24X1 lenes for 3 of the cameras. The back pan camera was fitted with a very expensive Fujinon 46X UHD 4K lens for its long zoom and tight shots. As well a 5th camera was used as a roaming 4K camera with a wide angle and wireless 4K Teradek transmission back to the TriCaster TC1. The 5th 4K camera was also utilized for interview work by using the Fujinon cinema lens that was swapped out from the Blackmagic camera with its PL lens adapter.

For transmission from the Blackmagic cameras for full 4K output, we used Birddog 4K 12G encoders to get the signals with full NDI® into the TriCaster TC1. Recording of the 4K signals were done by the TriCaster in 4K and then archived and stored using an NDI SNS storage system for all of their 4K recordings. The transmission of the 4K signals within the New Life church building were done by NewTek 4K decoders to televisions within the building for viewing in 4K. The final output is streamed to the New Life Church YouTube channel in stunning HD and 4K quality.

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