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NEC Brings Fully Immersive Display Technology to Enhance HOWs

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NEC Brings Fully Immersive Display Technology to Enhance HOWs
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Quick Facts

  • The Challenge: Create an immersive environment showcasing the latest display and projector technologies for houses of worship.
  • Solution: Multiple applications:
    • NEC NP-PH3501QL 40,000-lumen 4K laser projector
    • NEC NP-PX1005QL 10,000-lumen 4K UHD laser projector
    • Partner technologies: Da-Lite, Draper, Peerless-AV, Strong
  • Result: A demonstration of how different projectors can enhance a congregation’s experience in both large and small venues, as well as the utility of displays and kiosks for wayfinding and information sharing

Houses of worship of all sizes rely on technology to connect with their audience and further enhance religious ceremonies. With a plethora of solutions on the market, finding what’s best for the needs of the community may not always be a simple task.

NEC Display Solutions’ new headquarters, therefore, includes a house of worship vignette within its Briefing Center – a 6,000-square-foot space divided into 10 dedicated staging areas for each of its main verticals – to show places of worship new ways to engage and inspire their congregations with the latest display technologies.

The House of Worship Vignette

The house of worship vignette within the NEC Executive Briefing Center is intended to illustrate how projector solutions can vary depending on the size of the venue or screen. Also on display within the briefing center, customers are able to see how wayfinding kiosks and information displays can enhance foyers to further engage members.

Projection Solutions

Installed with a Draper Fly cage from the ceiling – specifically used for mounting the projector to truss outside a projection booth – the NP-PH3501QL 40,000-lumen projector demonstrates how venues can display high-definition content on screens 180 inches or larger. Through the quality of its red-blue (RB) laser and native 4K resolution, the projector demonstrates its superior performance by producing amazing color and stunningly bright images that rival any display technology on the market.

For smaller houses of worship, the 10,000-lumen NP-PX1005QL demonstrates how projector technology can be utilized to enhance content on smaller screens. With native 4K UHD resolution, the solution is a perfect complement for areas such as sanctuaries, overflow rooms and learning centers where dynamic imagery can be shared with the congregation during the service and beyond.

The NEC Display Difference

When it comes to engaging congregations with innovative displays and digital signage from a range of solutions, NEC Display stands out by offering a complete portfolio of products, from high-end large venue projectors to large format displays. This is a key benefit for customers, because there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to houses of worship.

“The right choice for your house of worship depends on the size, shape and purpose of the areas where your congregation gathers,” said Rich McPherson, NEC Display Senior Product Manager. “That’s why our briefing center showcases how a few of our most popular solutions can create an impressive environment that is sure to elevate your congregation’s worship experience.”

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