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TruClear Global Puts LightScene Projection Technology in Center of the Experience Economy

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TruClear Global Puts LightScene Projection Technology in Center of the Experience Economy
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From the closet to the pantry to the driveway, there are few corners of the American household you can’t shop for at the touch of a button. As e-commerce soars to new heights, businesses around the globe are pondering answers to the same question: How do you revive traditional brick and mortar?

According to Julio Linares, product manager at TruClear Global, the solution lies in a single word: Experience.

“Moving into the future, experiences will guide the way people shop,” Linares says. “People will go to a business for the experience first. Then, they’ll purchase.”

To meet the needs of this emerging “experience economy,” TruClear Global developed an innovative, technology-driven platform that combines engineering, hardware, software, and services into a seamless solution for clients looking to elevate their in-person environments.

TruClear Global’s offerings include nano-optical coatings, or films, that can transform ordinary glass windows or panels into vivid interior- or exterior-facing displays. The company also creates TruPanel, TruCube, TruRound, TruDoor, and TruCharge displays that can activate static spaces with dynamic brand storytelling or advertising content.

This scalable solution allows customers to create impactful experiences — and even monetize them, if they opt to “rent” the display space to other brands via a built-in ad network. What’s more, since TruClear Global owns all the hardware and software, there is no upfront capital investment for the customer — just a white-glove, at-the-ready service focused on helping to create unforgettable experiences.

“Our clients are looking for guests or customers to enter their venue and reach a vibrational state where it’s enjoyable to be there,” Linares says. “Then, the brand is able to connect with them on that level at the point of purchase or decision-making.”

Lighting Up the In-person Experience

Whether the client is a car dealership, storefront, shopping mall or convention center, TruClear Global is notably “technology agnostic.” “What’s most important is the client gets what’s best for their activation,” Linares shares.

But when it comes to projection, the company trusts Epson’s broad portfolio of visual display solutions.

“During our initial planning, we wanted to ensure we were going to be vertically integrated utilizing the best products from A to Z,” he says. “After testing the world’s leading projection companies over the course of eight months, we found Epson was best suited for our needs.”

The integration of Epson laser projector technology — specifically the compact LightScene accent lighting laser projector, which features a sleek spotlight design — allows TruClear Global’s engineers to realize visions they previously thought impossible.

“LightScene is something that changes the industry,” Linares notes. “Its spotlight form factor gives it the ability to be camouflaged within the ceiling of retail spaces. It seamlessly blends — almost melts — into the ceiling while providing memorable experiences.”

From visual merchandising to spatial design, LightScene can be leveraged for an array of applications with the goal of transforming spaces and captivating customers.

“We can now accommodate locations that don’t have enough space or the desire for a large projector,” Linares adds. “And in smaller spaces, experiential information goes a long way. With LightScene, we can project sharp images as small as 30 inches.”

Bringing Bright Ideas to Life

At TruClear Global’s customer experience center, well over a dozen LightScene projectors guide the client’s journey, from entering the building to navigating among the center’s customized retail simulations. The moment a client arrives inside the lobby, they are immersed in a 360-degree experience, where every wall — and even the floor — activates with Epson projection technology to welcome them.

Elsewhere, LightScene projectors illuminate a prototype retail display, with projection mapping on shoes, basketballs and apparel. Individual ads also appear alongside the product wall as customers pick up and interact with different products.

From projecting dynamic content onto floors for wayfinding to activating retail shelves and storefront glass displays for merchandising, TruClear Global sees endless possibilities with LightScene. “This technology unleashes stories in ways and places few other technologies today can,” Linares says.

Leveraging this dynamic technology is made all the more feasible by LightScene’s affordable pricing.

“We utilize these projectors with our clients for wayfinding, retail, hospitality, and digital signage,” Linares shares. “The price point allows us to deploy them at a great rate, wherever we find the need for one.”

And, they’re easy to install, Linares adds: “The content management software is easy to use and enables creation of playlists that can play directly from an SD card, without the need for an additional system for managing it.”

The Right Tool for the Job

Properly executing digital advertising requires great messaging — and a great image. After all, when it comes to brand storytelling, visual content is always part of the conversation.

Linares says Epson stands apart from other manufactures due to the projectors’ precision performance and image quality.

“The number-one consideration for us was visual quality,” Linares says. “With Epson, the contrast is incredible and the brightness seems to be more consistent.”

Linares notes realizing your vision doesn’t always require the most powerful projector.

“In one particular scenario, due to the size of projection that was needed, having too much power was not a good thing,” Linares explains. “Even though it was less bright than the other Epson projectors we use, the LightScene stood up well on its own — in this case, I’d say it performed better. We firmly believe in using the right tool for each job, and since I’ve worked with LightScene, I’ve found it to be the ‘right tool’ for many of our jobs.”

And, it seems, Epson is the right partner.

“The people at Epson have a care and love for what they do that matches ours,” he observes. “For us, that’s extremely unique.”

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