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Russian University Installs AV Across Milestone Brands

When facing a range of applications and AV challenges, it’s good to have a partner like Milestone AV Technologies for solutions across a wide spectrum. Ural Federal University in Ekaterinburg, Russia, has 14 educational buildings with varying requirements. Conference halls and roman auditoriums are used for events and for education. Smaller auditoriums have specific equipment needs limited by architecture challenges. For each room, Milestone AV Technologies brands had products to help provide the best educational experience for end users. 

A tour of spaces at URFU provides a great overview of the flexibility and range of solutions available from Projecta, Chief, Vaddio and Da-Lite for educational applications.

In Scientific Council Hall, the university wanted several means for the presenter to display content. The Da-Lite Contour Electrol 198 x 353 cm with tab-tensioning allows for the optimal viewing surface for this size room. For this hall, they used the Chief VCMU with column and ceiling plate for the heavy projector. Flat panels were also installed using Chief Fusion models LSMU and XTMU. URFU considers mounting solutions an important part of the installation with three main considerations:

  • Ease of installation and precise adjustment
  • High reliability and rigidity
  • Modularity of construction and design

The university keeps various interfaces, columns and ceiling plates on hand for flexibility depending on room requirements and renovations.

“I like Chief!” said Saveliev Andrey Alexandrovich, Deputy Director of the Center for New Educational Technologies. “Their mounts are easy to install with well-done locking and adjusting mechanisms. When we need everything to be perfect – we install Chief and everything works nicely.”

The hall also incorporates video systems from Vaddio. URFU places streaming equipment on the network to route signals from pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras into a PC via USB connections. The Vaddio AV Bridge makes it simple to encode, capture and stream AV content through a variety of PC applications or directly to a network.

Flexible Auditorium Uses Chief for Interactive Panels

In another auditorium, the room accommodates different table configurations. This allows flexibility for any size group for optimal learning. Chief LSMU and MSMU mounts hold 65” interactive panels. This auditorium is mainly used for skills improvement seminars, conferences and project work of students and employees. 

Elpro and Carts Fill Out Multi-Purpose Hall

In this multi-purpose hall, key differentiation points include different options of table set-up for visual representation and interactive input. This allows the hall to be used for education, conferences and assemblies. 

The Projecta Elpro Large Electrol is the main means of visual representation for the room. LCD panels mounted on Chief MFQUB carts can be rolled out when needed.

“We like Chief carts very much for their absolute indestructibility and capability of attaching shelves,” said Alexandrovich.

This hall is used as an educational auditorium and an LCD panel with 60” diagonal is a means of interactive input. It is installed on a Chief LPAUB cart, which allows the transfer of images from it to any means of visual representation. A person can write on the screen and the image will be broadcast on the screen and on 80’ diagonal LCD panels that hang from tilt Chief Fusion XTMU mounts. 

The university had high requirements for the cameras, joystick for management, video mixer and professional recorder. They wanted a long lens, the capability of transmitting video and control. They selected Vaddio PowerVIEW HD-30 PTZ cameras with external control units and Vaddio Universal CCU Cat-5 for HD-22 or HD-30. These units were installed in racks and allow managing settings ‘by hand’ without involving an interface, which is more convenient for the video operators. 

A Vaddio ProductionVIEW Super Joystick manages the cameras. An operator can work the cameras alone or set them up into automatic mode to capture active microphones.

Universities like URFU around the world are finding new, creative ways to use Milestone AV Technologies Solutions. To find out more, visit