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Versatile and Stylish Lecterns from AmpliVox Make a Statement in Restaurants

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Versatile and Stylish Lecterns from AmpliVox Make a Statement in Restaurants
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Versatile and Stylish Lecterns from AmpliVox Make a Statement in Restaurants
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Restaurant owners spend countless hours considering the furniture choices for their dining rooms. However, before customers sit down to eat, they make judgments on the quality of the restaurant based on their first points of contact: the valet stand and the host station. AmpliVox Sound Systems offers a variety of furniture options for these vital purposes, to establish the positive first impression that customers appreciate. Customers have more confidence in a valet service that is visibly secure and well organized. Valet stands take a beating from weather, traffic, and frequent relocations, so durability is a crucial consideration. AmpliVox’s Valet Product Line includes the Portable Valet Podium, a mobile lectern fabricated in powder-coated steel to maximize durability with an attractive and versatile black finish; and the Hard Shell Valet Podium, a lightweight, mobile, weatherproof lectern made of hard shell plastic. Both options include lockable storage with easy-to-read key hooks to make customer service secure and efficient. The podiums’ appearance can be enhanced with customized logos or signage. Once inside, the host stand projects the style choices of the overall restaurant while efficiently serving a multitude of functions. The right equipment enables employees to smoothly manage flow, store and protect valuable items, and communicate easily with customers in the restaurant and on the telephone. AmpliVox offers lecterns that serve all those functions while still complementing the restaurant’s overall décor. Lecterns are available in a variety of materials to suit varying needs, from traditional woods to contemporary acrylics to weatherproof plastics. If the staff will be communicating with patrons over a sound system, AmpliVox has lectern options that include integrated mics and amplifiers to reduce cords and clutter behind the stand. “With so many options available, don’t make a snap decision on these important additions to your restaurant,” advises Don Roth, CEO of AmpliVox. “Take time to consider the many factors at work, both esthetic and practical. AmpliVox has a wide variety of options to meet every need, and our experienced customer service department can help choose the perfect fit for any setting.” For information about AmpliVox products, visit