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Brussels Energy is a public private partnership between the Regional Brussels-Cleanliness Agency and SITA. The site, located on the Quai Leon Monnyer 8 in Brussels, incinerates household waste which is then processed as a renewable energy source.

Rockwell Automation, working with Brussels Energy, contacted Winsted to assist with the design for the refurbishment of the dedicated control room. During the design process it was realized that the envisaged design was comparable to another Winsted control room installation located at the European Commission International(ECI), also in Belgium.

With the co-operation of the ECI, a site visit was arranged, and representatives from both Rockwell Automation and Brussels Energy could view the design and workmanship of the Winsted installation first hand, before committing and awarding their contract to buy.

Auto CAD plans and 3D conceptual images were produced complying with the international standard ISO 11064 creating a user-centred solution. The approved design based upon Winsted Sight-Line consoles consisted of 6 modules with credenza, finished in a unique white gloss, integrated with custom worktops, rack mounts and Versa-Trak monitor mounting system. A host of accessories including task lights, phone trays and file storage bins were also included in the design to maximize space and increase user efficiency.

The sleek integrated solution works perfectly in accordance with the client’s needs and allows operators to work in comfort throughout their shifts whilst giving a comprehensive overview of the entire process.
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