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Cancun Showroom

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Cancun Showroom
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Chief’s fixed wall mounts provide a safe and secure solution for mounting every size plasma TV, from a small 26" screen to an extra-large 103" plasma.

At Chief Manufacturing we believe that choosing the right flat panel mount can be as important as choosing the flat panel TV, which is why for 30 years we have made sure to design and manufacture innovative and high quality mounting solutions. Chief’s innovative mounts offer the latest technology for easy installation and increased viewing benefits for any type of installation.


When Manuel Suero of BASE NTX was confronted with an installation challenge at a high-end real estate showroom in Cancun, Mexico, he turned to Chief for the solution. BASE NTX is dedicated to installing integrated audiovisual systems in residential and office environments, and this particular client wanted to be mount a 103" plasma and two 58" plasmas to create a state-of-the-art showroom for a high-end real estate development on the Riviera Maya. There are not many mounting companies that make a solution for a screen as large as 103", so Suero turned to Chief. "There was only one other option at the time and it was twice as expensive and the lead time was eight weeks," Suero said. "[Chief mounts] are the mounts that we always use for every install."


Chief’s PSMH™ Heavy-Duty Fixed Wall Mount was the perfect solution to mount the extra large 103" plasma screen that was used to show a movie created especially for the project by an Oscar nominated director. The PSMH is a cost-effective solution with a unique, one-piece bracket design that cuts installation time and provides the slimmest fit possible. Chief’s exclusive Q-Latch™ Mounting System secures the plasma display with a lockable latch.

Two PSTU™ Fixed Wall Mounts were used to mount the 58" plasma TVs, working together to create a completely interactive, high-definition tour of the real estate property. The PSTU is an ultra low-profile, fast installation wall mount with an expanded wall plate opening that provides cable access and reduces the risk of outlet interference.


In the end, Suero and his client were very happy with the impressive, high-end installation. The goal of the project was to create the best real estate showroom, and with the help of Chief mounts, Suero was able to do just that.