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Your Aging PA is Letting You Down
Posted on Friday, November 15, 2019

Your PA system is the heart of your school communications. Whether it’s used for morning announcements, acting as an intercom between teacher in class and the front office, or providing much needed communication during an emergency; you PA system is vital to the smooth daily operation of your school. For the most part, administrators don’t have to give too much though to their PA system, but when things go wrong, the sudden expense of fixing them can eat away at funds, and cause interruptions in education.

FrontRow’s Conductor™ offers an award-winning interface the makes it easy for front office staff to manage every aspect of their campus-wide communications from a purpose-built admin station or from their own computers. With just a few just a few clicks, you can change a bell schedule, send a pre-recorded announcement all or part of the campus, speak directly with a classroom through a two-way, hands-free intercom, or even manage emergency communications. Conductor™

Conductor™ features an interactive campus map and touchscreen monitor so front office staff have the whole school at their fingertips. They simply press on the classroom with which they want to communicate, and they are instantly connected. The teacher responds through their classroom audio system mic, or passive microphone and the class is barely interrupted.

When disaster strikes, Conductor™ helps administrators and staff organize a response. With built in panic buttons on every teacher mic, Integration with smart panels and digital displays for emergency messaging, the ability to notify emergency responders, and one centralized location to communicate with the entire campus, Conductor™ offers a suite of emergency communication features that fit into your school’s emergency preparedness plan.